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Grace Frame Automation Software & Motor Plate

Sale price$3,999.95

Information & Features

Quilter's Creative Touch 4 is the latest version of the Quilt Motion top-of-the-line automated quilting system. Enjoy the power of simplified pattern sewing with steps as easy as: select, place, and sew! Have the ultimate quilting experience with the advanced features needed to create, design, edit, layout, and quilt with absolute precision. Quilt your masterpiece with ease as Quilter's Creative Touch takes your ideas from design to reality.

Quilter's Creative Touch 4

Let QCT4 Do The Quilting For You.
Quilter's Creative Touch 4 lets you design and place your patterns the way you want, and then it quilts them out for! You'll love seeing your favorite patterns professional quilted by your own quilting machine.

Precision Controlled Movements.
The included motor plate attaches to the machine carriage and accurately controls the motion of the sewing machine for precise pattern stitching.

Let QCT4 do all the stitching for you and you'll get the perfect pattern, stitched exactly the way you imagined it every time!

What's Included

Easy, user-friendly design

The software will only work with devices running Windows 7, 8, 10 or higher. It will not work with any version of Windows RT.

This latest Upgrade of Quilter's Creative Touch features a newly improved interface that's more powerful and easier to use. More features have been added, and the software has been carefully re–designed to make pattern creation and quilt design easier.

Tablet Compatibility

  • QCT4 will only work on devices running Windows 7, 8, 10 or higher. It will not work with any version of Windows RT.
  • A 1.66 GHz. or faster processor is recommended.
  • A device with a total of 64 GB hard–drive space is recommended, with at least 2GB available for installation.
  • 2 GB or more of RAM is recommended.
  • A full–size USB port is required. If your tablet uses a USB port to charge, it must have a second USB port to plug into QCT4. *Tablet is preferred
  • The included tablet mount will hold tablets with screen sizes from 10 to 12 inches.
  • Internet connectivity is necessary for software registration, activation, and card access benefits.
  • Screen resolution of 1024 x 768 or higher.

Compatibility At Its Finest

Quilter's Creative Touch 4 is designed to work with a large number of common quilting machines and quilting frames. It works with domestic machines (short–arms) as well as long–arms and midarms like the Q'nique Quilter. It works with all of the current Grace quilting frames and most of the past Grace quilting frames.

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