Grace Continuum Long Arm Frame 8' - 10' or 12'

Frame Size Options: Continuum Frame - 10 Foot
Sale price$2,699.99


The new Continuum Quilting Frame has been designed by the Grace Company to perfectly accommodate the Q'nique 21 machine, as well as a number of other machines on the market today.

*Comes with 4 Bungee Clamps and Cloth Leaders.

• SureTrack dual-wheel system
• Channel locks for easy straight lines
• Adjustable depth for machines with different throat lengths
• Leveling feet
• Height-adjustable legs

Informations & Features

The Continuum combines some of the most sought after features into a modular system that’s available for quilters of every level and nearly every sewing machine type.

With steel and cast–alloy components, the frame is one of the sturdiest and longest–lasting frames ever designed. This modular frame has many available configurations and accessories. This is a no–baste frame designed to make your quilting projects easier, more convenient, and more beautiful. The frame is available in standard 8 foot or 10 foot sizes.

The Continuum Frame can be configured in multiple set–ups and optional accessories, so it will be the perfect fit for you no matter what your quilting requires. Think you might upgrade your machine to a longarm in the future? The Continuum frame can work with your short or midarm machine now, and then be adjusted for a longarm when you need it. Add the optional accessories now or later to make your quilting process more convenient.

Grace Frame Long Arms For The Continuum

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