We started over 30 years ago....

Jan Brostek started her storefront business, Pins & Needles, over 30 years ago in Cleveland, Ohio. Today, Pins has 3 locations in Ohio and an ever-growing community. Jan founded her business on top-of-the-line education and was able to set herself, and the company, apart from the rest. She didn't just want to sell machines, she wanted to sell the art of sewing.

There are now over 100 classes a month along with large education seminars available at Pins & Needles.

Over 5 years ago Jan's son, Connor, decided to join the family business full-time. He was inspired by the community his mom had built, and the work she continued to put in. Connor's inspiration led him to launch, Sew-It-Online. He wanted to not only provide accessible education to all, but he was also driven to build that same community his mother had built.

That is what Sew-It-Online is all about, community and education. We strive to provide easily accessible courses while inspiring deep connections with people all over the world who have that same love of sewing. We aim to give the small sew-shop feel at the comfort of your own home. Our membership offers courses from teachers all over the world, monthly webinars, designs, and more. If you're in the Cleveland area, we would love for you to stop by and check out our shops! Welcome to the community!