Grace Q-Zone Hoop-Frame - For Domestic & Long Arm Machines

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Informations & Features

The Q-Zone Hoop-Frame is a whole new type of machine-quilting frame that easily manages fabric like a quilting hoop. With its small space-saving form factor you can set it up in any room and still quilt even the largest projects!

Build The Perfect Quilting System Using Your Own Machine

The Q-Zone Hoop-Frame is perfect for cross-brand compatibility and made to work with many quilting machines, from domestics to longarms with up to a 19-inch throat space.

Smaller Frame With Larger Quilting

Now the size of your quilt is no longer limited by the width of the frame! The Q-Zone Hoop-Frame works similar to a large quilting hoop, letting you quilt one section at a time. Quilt as large as queen, king, and larger quilts, all on this space-saving 4½ foot frame, using the zone-to-zone quilting method.

Optional Features

Grace Frame Long Arms For The Hoop-Frame

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